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Development of the research side

- The Atlas participates in research on cancer epidemiology.

- The Atlas is part of the genome project. It is orientated towards the genome and may serve as a portal for many applications, from probes resources to genome sequences. At a time where maturation therapies and other oncogene-targeted therapies are being developed, the Atlas and its links make sense in the bioinformatics field.

Diagnostic and therapeutic decision aid

The Atlas helps the clinician in the diagnostic and in the patient treatment process: the iconography of chromosome anomalies can be compared by the cytogeneticist with his findings in a given patient, guiding his diagnosis. Next step, the clinician with a cytogenetic diagnosis may be helped by the description of the associated disease. In any case, the clinician ignores the prognostic associated with the chromosome findings in many cases (there are more than 600 leukemias!), and the Atlas would guide his treatment decision: a bone marrow graft may kill, it should be reserved for highly aggressive leukemias, and that risk must not be taken when the leukaemia would be cured in any case. The Atlas is indispensable in particular in rare diseases (and rare diseases, because they are numerous, are frequent). We must continue to develop this part.

Informatics developments

Atlas web site becoming a true database - from old html to xml: the Atlas is supported by an ancient html system, made in 1997, at a time where Internet was a starting technology (we were one of the pioneers !). Systems have evolved, since. A modern data base will soon replace our old html.

Enhancement of the Atlas position in the scientific literature world:

We have therefore developed an 'electronic journal' version of the Atlas, comprising 2 154 articles in 87 issues from 1998 making 7 169 pages. See: http://documents.irevues.inist.fr/handle/2042/15655 .

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