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To become a member of the Association, you must contact Dr HURET, president of the Association ARMGHM, and pay your contribution.

Become a member

Join the association means that you support the fight against cancer.

  • you support the association and give greater weight to its relationships with its partners ;
  • you participate in the general assemblies, where your vote contributes to define the orientations of the association ;
  • you are regularly informed of the activities of the association by the newsletter on the web site (hopefully!).

Join the association also means to adhere to its statutes (see ...).


Contributions are set at a level of :

  • €30,00 EUR, $30,00 USD, or £30,00 GBP : for active members ;
  • €50,00 EUR, $50,00 USD, or £50,00 GBP :for benefactors.


At the time of your membership application, you must precise :

  • your name and first name ;
  • postal address ;
  • e mail ;
  • if your mail concerns a donation, a membership, or both (if no indication is given your payment will be considered as a donation).

If you pay by credit card on our site, this information will be requested in any case by PayPal; if you pay bu another way, please send the above mentioned information, either

  • at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment method by :


  • Credit card

Donate (in Euros)

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The Atlas has made various partnership.

The Atlas is hosted by INIST-CNRS (Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (INstitut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique - Inist) of the French National Center for Scientific Research (Cnrs).

Part of our income comes from the membership to the association ARMGHM.

We also receive donations from the Internet users population and private companies.



The association is granted by academic and other institutional partners:


I- Scientific Societies:


  • Belgian Society of Human Genetics

  • Association des Cytogénéticiens de Langue Française

  • Berufsverband Deutscher Humangenetiker e.V.


  •  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Humangenetik e.V.


II- Main Institutional Partners :


European Regional Development Fund



Ministry of Research and Higher Education, France


Ministry of Social Affairs, France



National League against Cancer


National Cancer Institute (France)(2005-2009)


Grand Poitiers



III- Sponsors:


Cerba European Lab




To support the atlas, make a donation to the association ARMGHM - Atlas de Génétique des Cancers

Why ?

Cancer affects one in two men and one in three women. Between 2 000 and 9 000 may possibly be involved in cancer, making more difficult a prognostic evaluation. Pronostic and treatment depend on the genes involved. The Atlas is a collective effort from more than 2150 researchers and clinicians, who have already written more than 35 000 pages. It is in free access. Readers of the Atlas are consultants at the hospital, researchers, university teachers, but it also reaches GP's, students in medicine, and students in sciences.

The association ARMGHM hosts and handles the Atlas, throught grants from various institutionnal partners, which are more and more difficult to obtain in these times of crisis. To save, to support the growth and perpetuate the Atlas, we have chosen to settle a platform for secure online payment, using credit cards.Your donations are vital for the survival of the Atlas!


Practical procedures

How can I donate?

  • by credit card, on our platform for secure online payment using PayPal :

Donate (in Euros)

Donate (in US Dollars)

How much can I give?

You can give any amount! however, please note that our plateform only accept between 20 euros and 10 000 euros, because of management costs and risks of fraud by credit card. Your donation will be received with an equal gratitude, whichever may be the amount.

What to do in cas of a mistake?

If you have given a wrong amount of money, or for any other problem, do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Don't forget to include your full address, as well as any information which may allow us to identify your donation (date, amount, procedure used, and so on).


Tax Deduction

Is my donation tax deductible?

ARMGHM s a non-profit association (french law 1901) and a general interest association allowed to issue fiscal receipts for tax deduction in France. For more details, please see at the tab "Tax deduction".

How can I get a fiscal receipt, after my donation?

On our platform for secure online payment, you can ask for a fiscal receipt.

If you make a donation by bank transfer or by cheque, please, contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When and how will I receive my fiscal receipt?

If you need a fiscal receipt, we will send it to you in PDF format, by e-mail preferably,as soon as we can; this will take a few days or weeks. In the case you do not receive anything, or for any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Donor recognition and confidentiality

Have you any confidentiality regulations?

Yes, very strictes; see at the tab "confidentiality".

Can I benefit from a special recognition, if my contribution is important?

Yes, for any donation above 1 000 euros, we will contact you to propose you that your name appear on the page "Grants" and in the annual report.


Regarding your donation

What do you do with the money?

All the donations are used in compliance with the goals of the association, as they are defined in the article number 2 of the statutes. To know more, please visit the pages of this web site and the Atlas, handled and supported by the association.

Where can I find accountability through financial reporting?

They are available at the tab "Activity reports".